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La Reserve Du Prince - a unique collection of pre-world war one cognac
Privilège La Réserve du Prince is a one-of-a-kind collection.
Recognized as one of the most valuable stocks of rare Cognacs in the world.
Created by Mr. Jacques Boursaud, a renowned master blender and largest private collector of old Cognac. Mr. Boursaud
is accredited to the courts as an expert and has been a consultant to the most established Cognac Brands for 50 years.
Privilege is a Cognac d’exception. Its blends are made from the best grapes in the Cognac Region, Grande Champagne.
Privilege’s age, pedigree and authenticity are documented. All bottles are wax-sealed and have been approved by US Customs as Pre-World War I vintage. Bottles are stored in Oreco, a French government-controlled speciality warehouse in Cognac.
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